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A well-designed home provides valuable extra living space that improves your quality of life.

Our clients for this project were planning for a major addition to their existing weekend home in Sagaponack, NY. They hoped for the addition to provide a new kitchen, master bedroom and bathroom, guest bedroom, powder room, porch, and garage. Along with the addition, we planned to renovate the dining room, study, and entrance foyer to create a unified design throughout.

An initial challenge for this project was relocating the kitchen to the opposite side of the building from where the addition would begin. We then carefully designed the addition to complement the existing building materials, offer unique angled rooms, and wrap around the side garden in a natural way. 


With a large built-in bathtub, gorgeous double vanity, and ample storage space throughout, the new master bathroom offers a stunning, spa-like experience that’s perfect for rest and relaxation.


A new powder room overlooks the prominent double-height glass stairwell that’s central to the new area.


The dining room renovation infused the space with contemporary style and functionality with a recessed fireplace, a tasteful central light fixture, and comfortable modern seating.


The study was reimagined with an innovative architectural flow to create a sense of intrigue in the space. When paired with a comfortable shag rug and minimalist furnishings, it became a wonderful space to relax while admiring the natural view outside. 


This project was completed within several months and on budget. Our clients are extremely happy with their new home design and all that it’s contributed to their quality of life.

Are you interested in completing a major home renovation but aren’t sure how to maximize your floorplan or budget? Book a Discovery Session with us today to explore all the possibilities for your home and begin to create a design that perfectly complements your lifestyle.