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“An authentic home effortlessly holds the essence of your daily life and core values in every detail.”

Denise Huang is known to infuse artistry with expertise to enhance spaces, inspire, enrich lives, create moments and build connections. In 2017, Denise founded her own practice, which operates globally in New York and Shanghai.

Denise earned a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a Master in Architecture from the University of Michigan. With over 20 years of professional experience that spans across the US, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Barcelona, Denise’s multi-faceted design work gracefully blends modern functionality with bespoke aesthetics.

More About Denise

Denise’s Background as a designer started at a young age. Her parents were computer programmers and her uncle was a graphic artist who taught her drawing techniques, Photoshop and Illustrator before she was a teenager. By the time it came to decide on a career, she combined her upbringing in the arts and sciences and decided to explore architecture and take drafting classes. Her parents were unsure of her desire to study architecture because there were not many women in the field at the time. They sought out the wisdom of a feng shui master who confirmed that Denise is indeed “skilled with her hands”, and reaffirmed her decision to become an architect. The rest is history.

Denise’s Work is multi-faceted with international experience in the US, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Barcelona. She prides herself on having worked on every project type, consecutively working on-site a multi-family residential project in Hong Kong, single-family renovations in New Jersey, hotels, country clubs and civic buildings in Atlanta, to high-end residential interiors in New York City and the Hamptons, working with the NYCSCA on school projects, to designing urban scale mixed-use projects with Parsons Brinckerhoff and RTKL in China. During a shift from large-scale designs in China in 2015, she branched into workplace interiors, a pivotal moment in Denise’s career. Working as an interior designer complemented her work as an architect while bringing the final touches to each design. She worked on resort design with naked Group, luxury villa design for private clients, and interiors for short and long-term stay residential and commercial real estate developers such as Build.

Denise Founded DHD to create a holistic process for her clients by bridging planning, architecture and interior design. Denise enjoys making every space functional, balanced and beautiful. She is a professional kitchen and bath designer and also provides design services for volunteer organizations and the community. She strongly believes in contributing to the greater good because of the inherent influence of the environment on our growth and the importance of the home in our daily lives.