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A bland, uninspiring home design won’t attract the attention of anyone, including prospective renters.

My client for this project owned an apartment that was on the market for rent in Shanghai, but they struggled to attract long-term tenants. The key issue we found is that their open layout wasn’t well defined, so when walking in the front door all you see is a large empty space.

Our new design welcomed guests into the apartment with a minimalist wood console and artwork which leads into a refreshing dining area with a live-edge wooden table and chairs. 


We selected a bold mix of materials, colors, artwork, and plants to add dimension throughout each space in the home to make it more comfortable, livable, and appealing. 


The new design was a resounding success, as their apartment was rented out within a few days of our completed project.

Is your property in need of a redesign to attract tenants or to live a more fulfilling life? 

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